Export Management System

Shiva Infotech introduce Turbo-EMS (Export Management System) for managing operation of small and big enterprises. Turbo-EMS is designed for the organisations engaged in Export of Handicrafts, Home Furnishing, Accessories, Gem & Jewellery, Leather Garments & Shoes, Auto parts, Hand Tools, Chemical, Engineering Items etc.

Turbo-EMS is a maintenance free modular ERP software solution for managing operations for small and big exporters. Modules available in Turbo-EMS that helps in managing goods and keeping track for the same. Turbo-EMS has three versions Step, Plus and Pro.

What is the need of Turbo-EMS to exporters?

As the technology has walked-in, our lifestyle has become more easier and simple just like Export Management System (EMS). "Turbo-EMS reduces man power, saves your time and is also cost effective which is really important for a company in order to grow". Exports and Imports require a lot of documentation and invoices/ Proforma Invoice and Packing List. Earlier and even now many companies and organisations use manual methods such as handwritten or excel sheets for documentation Invoices and many more. Well this method is outdated now, The best solution for the exporters is Export Management System, Just exactly as it sounds it manages all the documents and system of exporters.

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How Does Turbo Export Management System (EMS) helps you?

  • It helps you in generating error free export documents.
  • Pre Designed Templates, that helps in generation of invoices just in seconds.
  • One time master entry, and you can go through any documents anytime anywhere.
  • Multi user system, where you can distribute the departments according.
  • Quickly generate reports.
  • Automatic backup.
  • Can generate photo offers in just a click.
  • Minimizes man power.
  • Time saving.
Export documentation software

Following features are available under Turbo-EMS.

  • Master maintenance
  • Buyer Order Processing
  • Vendor Order Processing
  • Shipment & Bank Documents
  • Vendor Bill Reconciliation
  • Store Inventory ( Trading & Production)
  • Production Planning Control
  • Management Report (MIS)
  • GST Domestic Invoice and Registration
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)