"We have got installed one software Turbo-EMS for Export Documentation developed by M/s Shiva Infotech and found it very useful and extremely user-friendly. Also we are very pleased with most efficient and prompt after sales support of this company. Export Documentation with this software has resulted in lot of time saving and botheration. It has certainly made life easy for an exporter as far as documentation is concerned."

S. L. Sachdev, M.D., Allied India International

"This is to certify that Shiva Infotech, A very committed & professional team. We have been using Turbo-EMS since 1995 which is running admirably & successfully by strong support. We have found their software system & understanding of business of high caliber and standard. We are getting accurate results & resulting into economy of time & manpower."

P. N. Suri, M.D., Hansa Agencies Pvt. Ltd.

"Shiva Infotech is a proven professional team headed by most reliable leader Mr. Vivek Khosla. Turbo-EMS is running successfully under windows and multi-user environment followed by a very good training and prompt support. Turbo-EMS also enables us to get on-line information from our store which is 250 mtrs away from our office building. It is highly versatile, flexible and user friendly. This computerization software is surely leading to highly efficient and effective management, yielding optimum productivity."

Rajan Mayor, M.D., Mayor & Company (GOI Recog. Trading House)

"We had got installed Turbo-EMS software system by Mr. Vivek Khosla of Shiva Infotech. The system is running successfully under windows followed by a very good training and prompt support. The system has simplified our complete export documentation and other connected information required for the use of production/inventory etc. We feel very satisfied/comfortable and this has helped us to improve our efficiency considerably."

K. N. Sachdev, M.D., Filadil Exports

"It is to certify that Shiva Infotech is associated with us since 1990. We are using their Turbo-EMS and financial Accounting software packages, which are quite flexible and user-friendly thereby giving us accurate results and saving lot of time. We are also very satisfied with their efficient & prompt after sales support. Turbo-EMS is definitely very useful for exporters."

Puran Manchanda, M.D., Handicrafts & Textiles International

"I am working late tonight getting together the complete outstanding amount owed to Marcos by suppliers and an extremely happy that the complete software is working beautifully! I am sure I saved at least 10 hours work which took me only 15 mins to complete."

Mandeep Singh, Director, Marcos International

"We are using a software Turbo-EMS for generating Product Photo Offers and Quotation by scanning Item Barcode Labels developed by M/s Shiva Infotech. It has proven to be a total customer orientation along with 24×7 support by them. We are highly satisfied with the software as it has replaced the word manual work to word of keyboard "Click and Go". It has proven to give the results with 100% accuracy. The uniqueness & innovativeness of Turbo-PMS has helped us to identify our core competencies in business."

Aman Ralhan, Director, Am-Roh International Exporters

"We had purchased Turbo-EMS Software from Shiva Infotech in the year 1998, which very used-friendly software all over export documents are generated without any hassle. we are satisfied with their efficiency and from after-sales support in last 20years, we had never faced any issue. we wish shiva infotech to keep progressive for the benefit of the export industry"

Amit Gupta, Director, Divya Jeweller Pvt. Ltd.